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Frequently Questions

Quickly answer frequently asked questions:

How do i order to buy products?

Please contact by phone and provide the following information:
* Product code
* Quantity
* Buyer name and contact fone number
* Shipping address

How do i want to make a brand product or other products?

Please email the original products or files to us with the same quantity you want to order, we will quote for you, when you agree the price we will make samples and send samples, when the samples are approved. We will start producing.

How long is production time from order?

Depending on the quantity and type of production, the production time will vary, please contact for more information about this.

What are the payment methods?

There are 2 payment methods:
* Delivery and payment
* Bank transfer

How do i get free shipping?

Depending on the type of item and the order quantity, we will have a support policy or free shipping separately. Please contact us for more details about this

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