The company was established in 2002, machining expertise, manufacture of packaging paper and other packaging products.

According to the trend and the movement of packing safety health and environment-friendly, our company gradually redirected professionally produced paper packaging for food with imported paper source directly from factories reputed leading certified by the FDA, ISEGA, Japan Food Hygiene Association,…

Specialized paper for food (food grade paper) is a kind of paper:

  • Completely harmless, direct contact with food.
  • Meet the requirements of the food and safety hygiene
  • Easily recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • We produce paper packaging food by automatic safety devices meet the needs of large quantity

In fact, when using the paper bags safety and health and environmental friendly, is a part of your responsibility to protect the environment and the health of the community and social contribution, improve reputation for your brand and products, help you better rise above the common herd in the market, to attract more customers